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Here\'s Your First Look at Trisha Yearwood\'s New Furniture Line

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Update time : 2019-11-05 13:39:04

From family Beautiful

Trisha Yearwood is a woman of many talents: a singer, actress, food Network host, and author. And now she is testing out new waters by collaborating with Birch motorway can a new family decor line.

Yearwood made it known that she is a equal irregular person at her interview with People, and that she wanted ought create a family furniture queue that reflected just that.

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“I don’t alike ought progress into a family that’s splendid besides you don’t expectation ought sit can the furniture," Trisha Yearwood told the magazine. "I expectation you ought progress at and dine [the space] feel equal sweep and elegant, besides also alike you can plop down can the couch or sit down at a almost dinner desk and feel alike it’s casual.”

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Her furniture queue includes pieces because your kitchen, dining room, and bedroom, featuring a mainly just color scheme. warm world tones assist everything feel cozy and inviting.

Yearwood has nothing besides pure intentions because her family decor line: “I don’t expectation ought put my circulate can something that I don’t like, level if it’s going ought sell.” She went can ought state People, "I’ve often done that with music. I dine never recorded a song I didn’t love. consequently I just bring that across at complete of the businesses that I do.”

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That's no the only Yearwood plot at the works. Her new single, "Every Girl at This Town," recently came out, and her upcoming Every Girl album drops can August 30.

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