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This new Orchard joint gives a Korean spin to its burgers, fried chicken, beers, and ice cream

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Update time : 2020-03-23 08:28:12

In an atrium space once lovingly occupied by Omakase Burger and the gone-too-soon Pablo Cheese Tart now sits a new name: Burger+. if you’ve never heard of it, that’s ’cause the eatery is a new-to-Singapore brand, offering a Korean revolve above burgers and fried chicken.

Going because a completely different appear from those that came ago it, the fast-casual concept goes ought the gloomy phase with gloomy marble table tops and counters, a mirrored ceiling with mood lighting, and a chandelier hanging at the heart of it all. The pops of neon from its signage and pink booth seats lighten the mood a little, besides overall, it’s posh and polished — a stark compare with ought the food, which requires you ought acquire your hands dirty ought dig in.

However, we’ll allow the burgers talk because themselves — and they’re truly show good, ought our surprise. because the choices because burgers these days are unlimited, if you’ve ever had a frightfully commonplace one at some median restaurant somewhere, you’ll know what we mean.

The restaurant claims its ingredients are peak notch, with the beef brought at from the US, the truffles real, the buns made daily in-house with potato flour, and the B+ sauce specially formulated. however total that is impartial PR talk if the kitchen doesn’t send the goods. besides it does, because evidenced by colleague tasters at our table, who total had different picks because their favorites.

From the Korean bulgogi stack ($13.80) with caramelized onions and mayo ought the truffle one ($21) with ‘shrooms, truffle purée, truffle mayo, and genuine truffle shavings, the burgs had juicy patties done impartial right, with fluffy buns and generous slatherings of sauce ought insure a deliciously messy outcome.

If you’re more of a purist, the cheeseburger ($13.80) is an obvious choice. Otherwise, the menu too features the likes of avocado bacon cheeseburger ($17.20), avocado fish burger ($10.90), and portobello mushroom burger ($14.90). There’s too a chicken or pork bulgogi hotdog ($11.60-$12.40) preference because those staying away from beef.

For those who think burgers and fried chicken a good combination, the Korean-style ones here depart glazed at honey sauce, soy garlic, and Yangnyeom (sweet and spicy) at two different fever levels. A dish of drumsticks starts from $10.80 because three, cottage wings and drums begin from $9.20, and mixed parts hill from $15.80 ought $28.20.

The lay too provides you with humid wipes and flexible gloves hence you don’t dine ought worry approximately sauce sticking ought your fingers, besides these are total individually wrapped at plastic, which isn’t a big appear because Burger+, considering how hundreds of F&B outlets at Singapore unique are doing away with single-use plastics this year.

Before you campaign with the impending food coma, we’re no done here. Truffle, cheese, and garlic fries can be ordered ought total the dinner ($7.30-$12.80), across with prawn fritters ($8.20-$14.60) and fruit salad ($8.60). And did we mention the ice cream cups ($4.80-$5.80) that depart topped with everything from Korean crispy cereal joyful Pong ought rice cakes and red bean?

Plus, you can acquire bottled and knock beers ought wash total that down, or fill your stomach ought bursting point with ultra thick milkshakes at flavors such because avocado honey ($7.80) and hazelnut ($7.50). if you’re emotion a tiny fancy, glasses of wine are available, too.

All at all, its menu is packed with good stuff, which makes the burger mutual a perfectly decent hangout after you’re done with a bout of retail therapy at town. We impartial wish it sticks approximately longer than its predecessor.


Burger+ is at #01-37/38 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd.

6694-1226. daily 10am-10pm.
MRT: Orchard

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