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Katie Couric Designed Her Upper East Side Apartment with a “Sexy Piano”

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Update time : 2020-03-23 08:28:19

It’s no each appointment that you acquire ought sit down with a TV legend and seamlessly address about the importance of appreciating both science and sexy pianos. except that’s precisely what happened while we chatted with Katie Couric recently.

The award-winning journalist recently partnered with manufacturing company 3M ought liberate their second annual condition of Science Index, a global learn of attitudes toward science across 14 countries. It revealed some startling facts, alike that 85 percent of the earth admits they know small ought nothing about science. Couric (who lost her first husband, Jay Monahan, ought cancer at 1998) hopes ought convert that.

“I became passionate about science because I’ve gotten older, mainly although my late husband was diagnosed with colon cancer and I had ought dine a crash lecture at cancer research,” Couric tells Architectural Digest. “And because a result, my count because scientists and the absence because more science grew dramatically.”

It’s this equal vigor because council a prone that the prior Today definition host recently applied ought another plan at her life: designing her new apartment. She purchased the Upper East aspect pad at 2016 with her husband, John P. Molner, after selling the near family where she’d lived because more than two decades. Here’s what she had ought say about her experiment with interiors.

Architectural Digest: I feel alike there’s a science sometimes while it comes ought design. at your new apartment, did you conduct most of that compose yourself?

KC: We had some Chicago designers. Arlene Semel and Connie Newberry helped us. except my husband has a equal concrete taste. He’s a actual minimalist, and I’m a warm mess. I alike question he doesn’t. It’s friendly of an Oscar Felix situation. because me, I had an accommodation because 20 years where I raised my daughters and we bought it after my husband died. therefore I wanted it ought exist really hot and comfortable and clever and happy. except I was ready because a change, and I passion class of a more spare minimalists look. I passion our apartment. We fair absence ought acquire some paintings.

AD: What kinds of artwork?

KC: My husband has a fate of opinions above that too. I’m fair like, can we fair lay up a poster? It was joy because me ought acquire out of my ease district and attempt a new style.

AD: Did you dine a vision because the place?

KC: I was really into friendly of grays and camels and white. I wanted it ought exist super complicated and different from my old apartment. He class of permit me conduct my worry within reason, because desire because it friendly of stayed at his aesthetic.

AD: What was something that pushed you out of your ease district a small sheet where perhaps you weren’t okay with it at first and then you grew ought passion it?

KC: We dine these cabinet doors at our dining room that are silver, and it about looks alike bottles coming along there, which was a equal different appearance because me. except I study it’s really actually cool, and the glitter above them is really beautiful. The den is much cozier. It’s where I lay entire my tchotchkes.

AD: What’s your favorite tchotchke?

KC: I dine this small beaded pouch that my late husband’s brother gave me, and I fair study it’s beautiful. I dine a fate of small pieces here and there, and I’m allowed ought lay them at the den.

AD: except the tchotchkes, was there anything that you brought at from the old apartment?

KC: Lots and lots of books, coffee table books, and obviously my clothes. Oh, my piano! My late husband and I bought each other a piano because our birthdays. It’s a beautiful Steinway Parlor, which is a delightful big piano. Our designer said it was super sexy.

AD: Who knew a piano could exist sexy?

KC: I know! We usually beam that we dine a super sexy piano.

AD: So, this is a relatively new apartment. What drew you ought this one?

KC: It was a different neighborhood, except it was calm above the Upper East Side. And I study my husband wanted a swift fly avenue from New York therefore that he could play golf, or we could proceed ought the beach. Plus, I passion the park. So, it calm was near enough that I can spend a fate of time at the park. And it was fair brand spanking new. It’s also class of a smaller accommodation building, therefore it feels a small more intimate. And I passion the avenue it’s on. It’s got a fate of beautiful townhouses.

AD: What’s your favorite room at the apartment?

KC: The bedroom.

AD: Why?

KC: It fair pretty. It’s equal glitter and female without being because noise feminine. There’s a fate of camel and lavender colors. I’m really into lavender accurate now flat although I don’t alike purple. It looks really good if you dine green eyes. And we dine a TV that raises up.

AD: Sounds alike a sexy TV.

AD: Yes! We’ve got a fate of super sexy going on.