Replica Louis Poulsen PH5 Snowball Lamp

Item No.: HY-1037
Design by Poul Henningsen, 1924.

PH5 lamp  is a 360-degree glare-free luminaire. The geometry of the PH Snowball is designed to ensure that all the illuminated surfaces of the shades are struck by the rays of light at the same angle, creating even il
Product parameters
Material: aluminum
Dimension: Ф50*30cm
Color Available: White, Black, Red

Design by Poul Henningsen, 1958.

PH 5 provides glare-free illumination and is well-suited to hang low above a table. The design of the visible reflectors ensures that light is directed both vertically and horizontally.Times change and colors change. Light has become an important part of interior design, and contemporary trends are therefore being reflected more and more in lighting.

The PH 5 Pendant Light features spun aluminum shades with a sand-blast glass shield. Available in classic white, rose/green, white/rose, dark grey/turquoise or army green/dark grey finishes. Ships with a white canopy and 12 feet of white PVC power cord.

UL Listed.